Artist Statement

Rubina :
was born in Bombay, India and moved to the United States in 1996. She is a computer and software engineer and until now she has been painting more as a hobby than a profession.Rubina has always been artistically inclined with a keen creative eye, and a feel for the arts. Her work with calligraphy and abstract art is influenced by her upbringing, international travels, love of music and nature.

Artist’s Statement :
I consider myself an "accidental" artist, and lucky to be able to follow my childhood passion - painting. I always get tremendous satisfaction from the act of painting or watching something come to life on a canvas in front of me. I love colors, gestures and textures coming together to express a deeper emotion... which has led to what I do now I love Sufi music and the message of peace, love, tranquility, and the eternal being - across all religions and cultures. My paintings and calligraphy are my humble attempt to reflect the same. Most of my work is Acrylics/Oil on canvas as I find this medium able to create layers of meaning and depth to reflect upon. I am actively supported in pursuing my passion by my husband and two lovely kids. Although, I am well versed in building software applications - and I've been doing that for many years - for me the computer will never replace the feeling of brush on canvas or pen on paper. I am looking forward to exploring my ability to creatively use the tools of both traditional and digital mediums for my future works.